Our full spectrum of expertise enables us to deliver uncompromising results.

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Keyword Research

Keyword selection is an art that we’ve mastered over the years to create highly profitable campaigns. Our focus isn’t exclusively on keywords with a large search volume, our primary consideration is a healthy return on investment through your ads. We also add negative keywords to your campaigns through our propriety tactics to ensure that your ads are only triggered for the right keyword combination.

Ad Setup

We setup ads with the most relevant objectives that are in sync with your goal. Our experts will then determine which campaign type is the most suitable to achieve your goal with the best cost per acquisition. With Astrum, you can rest assured knowing that your hard earned money is not going to be wasted on futile campaigns that fetch you only clicks and no conversions.


Landing Page Optimization

We create custom landing pages for your campaigns that are optimized to convert visitors into business. We embed tracking and analytic codes to understand user journeys from the moment they click on your ad. This helps us optimize ads and landing pages for future campaigns.

Campaign Launch

We implement conversion funnels to achieve the best CPA for your campaigns. This strategy is segmented into three stages: awareness, consideration and conversion. Each stage of the funnel is painstakingly developed to reach and convert your target audience.

Optimize Campaigns

Campaigns are optimized via bid adjustments and placement adjustments to improve your quality score and lower your Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). We then progress to devise remarketing campaigns to achieve the best possible return on ad spend.

Google PPC Management Company In Ahmedabad

We’re a process-driven PPC management company in ahmedabad, which means that we focus on the only thing that matters: results. Our systems and processes offer deep integration with e-commerce: including dynamic feed-to-campaign synchronisation, smart campaign management, human and automatic bid management systems, and extensive experience in conversion rate optimisation through PPC. Our high ROI model has earned us the trust of the most diverse range of clients in India and abroad. Astrum communications is truly honoured to have won multiple awards as the best PPC agency in Ahmedabad.

500+ Successful Projects Completed

We've catered to more than 500 happy clients across varied verticals. Their smiles are a testament to our prowess.

After Hours Support

We understand that there will be times when you need our support beyond regular operational hours. Our dedicated after-hours team is here for you.

Multi-award Winning Agency

Although we're proud of our awards and accolades, we're more proud of the success we bring our clients.

Guaranteed Results

Yes. You read that right. We guarantee you results or your money back. Too good to be true? Hop on a call and find out yourself.

ROI-focused PPC Agency

Our approach involves a process that is creativity-driven, insight-led for maximum results.


Our team of professionals can help you to target the customers who are looking for a product similar to yours. Google Ads/Microsoft Ads give you that extra stimulus to edge out the competition by placing you on the top of organic results.

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Giving the right information, to the right audience, at the right time is all that is needed for a brand or business to succeed. The combined efforts of your inputs and our Google Ads/Microsoft Ads Certified Professionals can do wonders for your business. Find out more about our services on https://astrumcommunications.com

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Grow Your Ecommerce

We’re experts at growing E commerce revenues by running effective paid search campaigns and employing proven best practices in digital marketing. Our foremost focus is always on a healthy ROI.

Grow Your Lead Generation

Gain more leads for your business. We get you qualified leads at affordable prices through phone calls, lead forms and other lead magnets.

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grow shopping channels through ppc astrum communications

Grow Your Shopping Channels

Shopping campaigns are remarkably formidable tools for online retailers. We have the expertise and experience to skyrocket your shopping campaigns with sustainable target cost-per-acquisition.

Grow Your Video Advertising

Catch customers where they’re most engaged: watching YouTube and videos online. Video gets customers.

Grow Your Social Advertising

Reach your customers where they hang out online. Social network advertising offers unprecedented display campaign reach.

Grow Your Remarketing

Turn lost prospects into customers with our comprehensive Remarketing solutions for both retail Ecommerce and Lead Generation businesses.

Grow Your Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising growth is one of the great success stories of this decade. You can’t afford to not have a mobile strategy.

Grow Your Display Advertising

Display offers unparalleled reach for growing brands online. Turn readers and viewers into buyers.

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We specialize in delivering immersive online experiences that instantly resonate with customers.

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